[ROVERNET - UK] Rover brake parts and other stuff...

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Mar 9 22:50:47 GMT 2008

It's wise to ask questions of the Rovernet because even as late as the 
60's and 70's there were some oddball parts made specifically to Rover 
specs that apparently were not manufactured in sufficient numbers to 
warrant a specific part number from the manufacturer. Why they didn't, I 
can't say because it seems sloppy to me. Apparently, Rover would say, 
"Send us 1500 of part number 1J658S, but put a slightly lighter spring 
in it." Rover assigned it a specific part number as a Rover part, but 
the manufacturer apparently saw it as an OEM sale item not to be added 
to their catalog.

The argument that any given manufacturer would not make a unique casting 
for Rover doesn't really hold water, either. A manufacturer would be 
tickled pink to make a specific casting or part for Rover because they 
could charge them extra for it. When the P6 was in production, Rover 
seemed to be more concerned with correct engineering and doing things 
their own way than they were with buying off-the-shelf parts used in 
Fords and MGs. Aside from the rear brake pads, there doesn't seem to be 
much about the braking system that was taken from high volume auto 


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