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The Girling front pads are a Girling stock item.
The boosters are the same design, just different gain ratio.

BTW a PBR VH44 has a higher gain and works better on the P6B than the 
standard booster.


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> It's wise to ask questions of the Rovernet because even as late as the 
> 60's and 70's there were some oddball parts made specifically to Rover 
> specs that apparently were not manufactured in sufficient numbers to 
> warrant a specific part number from the manufacturer. Why they didn't, I 
> can't say because it seems sloppy to me. Apparently, Rover would say, 
> "Send us 1500 of part number 1J658S, but put a slightly lighter spring in 
> it." Rover assigned it a specific part number as a Rover part, but the 
> manufacturer apparently saw it as an OEM sale item not to be added to 
> their catalog.
> The argument that any given manufacturer would not make a unique casting 
> for Rover doesn't really hold water, either. A manufacturer would be 
> tickled pink to make a specific casting or part for Rover because they 
> could charge them extra for it. When the P6 was in production, Rover 
> seemed to be more concerned with correct engineering and doing things 
> their own way than they were with buying off-the-shelf parts used in Fords 
> and MGs. Aside from the rear brake pads, there doesn't seem to be much 
> about the braking system that was taken from high volume auto 
> manufacturers.
> Glen
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