[ROVERNET - UK] Need a couple of P^ bits...

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 10 20:32:02 GMT 2008

I have a US 3500S for sale with an SD1 5 speed, and a rebuilt early Range 
Rover 3.5 engine. It was a Palm Beach Florida car, so has no base structure 
rust. There was a small amount  of  rain rust in bottom of front valance, 
and a few spots, but minor. It has an Offenhauser 4 barrel manifold and 
carb. The man who bought it from the Palm Beach owner wanted a fast car; so 
he removed AC and electric doors and 3500S bonnet. he fitted a 2000 bonnet 
with latch pins. It still has power steering It is the fastest Rover I have 
ever driven. I have a 3500s bonnet but no scoops. It has 2000 manual doors, 
but is all sundym tinted glass. Interior is a light tan color. Brakes were 
done, including rear calipers. It needs paint and some restoration. I 
removed body panels to paint, then never painted it. They will be rebolted 
for shipping.
     I quit driving it because the clutch slave went; being too close to the 
exhaust, and just drove my other cars...Fitting dual exhaust instead of 
stock would solve this. I was moving my business then, and had to move it 
several times. The gearbox now seems to stick at times; I do not know if it 
has a problem, but it may.  When I drove it was fine, and the car drove very 
     Depending on where you are, and what your car needs, it might be easier 
to buy this, than do yours. I am in Ft. Lauderdale, have good  shipping 
connections in the US and overseas. I can ship to England or California for 
about the same price. Please contact me at jaguru at bellsouth.net, or call 
toll free 1 877 524 8787, or cell 954 524 7278, any time.
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>I am looking for a couple of P6 bits  - does anyone have either of
> these that they can spare? I'm in Southern California
> 1- A  rear bumper for a Federal P6B; mine has a parking kiss on it and
> while the love bite can be knocked out and the whole thing rechromed I
> though I would hunt for a replacement before going down this route.
> Obviously I would prefer one where the chrome is in good nick as it's
> the chrome work that is the expensive part.
> 2- A LHD pedal box and clutch master cylinder for a manual
> transmission P6; the BW35 was probably the worst part of the P6B and I
> am giving though to installing a five speed rather than installing a
> modern automatic transmission
> Thanks
> Aidrian
> Ramona CA
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