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Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Wed Mar 12 14:17:05 GMT 2008


I am launching a new website called the Rover Automobile Resource Site 
for North America or RoverNA.

Much of what is on the new site will be familiar to anyone who has 
visited the RSTCA.com site over the years. The links and other 
information have been updated and checked for accuracy to the best of my 
ability, but I invite correction.

RoverNA is a website featuring resources and information that may be of 
interest to Rover automobile aficionados in the USA and  Canada.  Most 
of what is here can be found elsewhere on the  web, but I've tried to 
organize the information so that it can be quickly  and easily accessed. 
RoverNA is NOT a business or a membership organization, so please don't 
try to order parts or ask where to join up!  This web site can serve as 
a basic Rover saloon intro, a primer, a place that will get you started 
and lead you somewhere else. Please let me know if you have any 
suggestions or corrections using the feedback form or the email links. 
My name is Glen Wilson, and I live near Philadelphia, PA in the United 

Now, the Rovers we're talking about here are British saloon cars like 
the Rover 3500S and the Rover 2000TC. You people with Land Rovers have 
tons of websites and clubs geared toward off-roading and specialty 
vehicles with six wheels and tents attached to them! This is a place 
specifically intended for lovers of the finely crafted sedans and coupes 
manufactured by the Rover Company of Solihull, England. As a general 
rule, the subject of this site will be what I will call "classic" 
Rovers, that is, all Rover saloons up to and including the SD1 model 
range. This is not to say that later models are not "true" Rovers, but 
the later cars do differ markedly from the earlier models in design 
philosophy and mechanical complexity. 

While all Rover lovers may find much of interest here, this site is 
generally intended to approach the world of Rover saloons from a North 
American perspective. Rover owners in the United States and Canada are 
pretty much in the same boat in terms of the similarity of our cars and 
the difficulties involved in finding parts or service specialists. 
You'll notice that the Maple Leaf and Stars and Stripes are intertwined 
in the website logo! Those of us in the USA would be much poorer if we 
didn't have our Rover friends north of the border. The organizations 
with links in the upper right of the RoverNA home page work hard to 
enable Rover automobile owners to make contact with one another, lend 
technical support, share their knowledge concerning the history of the 
marque, and meet in person to share the enjoyment of their classic 
Rovers. Visit the links and try to participate because that's the best 
way to build a Rover automobile community.

Enjoy browsing RoverNA.com!

(Simultaneous with the launch of the RoverNA site, the RSTCA website has 
been withdrawn from the web.  See separate message for more details on 

Glen Wilson


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