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 A nice idea , but I can't find the website . Perhaps it's still being checked at the border for Home land Security issues ??
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> Hello,
> I am launching a new website called the Rover Automobile Resource Site 
> for North America or RoverNA.
> Much of what is on the new site will be familiar to anyone who has 
> visited the RSTCA.com site over the years. The links and other 
> information have been updated and checked for accuracy to the best of my 
> ability, but I invite correction.
> RoverNA is a website featuring resources and information that may be of 
> interest to Rover automobile aficionados in the USA and  Canada.  Most 
> of what is here can be found elsewhere on the  web, but I've tried to 
> organize the information so that it can be quickly  and easily accessed. 
> RoverNA is NOT a business or a membership organization, so please don't 
> try to order parts or ask where to join up!  This web site can serve as 
> a basic Rover saloon intro, a primer, a place that will get you started 
> and lead you somewhere else. Please let me know if you have any 
> suggestions or corrections using the feedback form or the email links. 
> My name is Glen Wilson, and I live near Philadelphia, PA in the United 
> States.
> Now, the Rovers we're talking about here are British saloon cars like 
> the Rover 3500S and the Rover 2000TC. You people with Land Rovers have 
> tons of websites and clubs geared toward off-roading and specialty 
> vehicles with six wheels and tents attached to them! This is a place 
> specifically intended for lovers of the finely crafted sedans and coupes 
> manufactured by the Rover Company of Solihull, England. As a general 
> rule, the subject of this site will be what I will call "classic" 
> Rovers, that is, all Rover saloons up to and including the SD1 model 
> range. This is not to say that later models are not "true" Rovers, but 
> the later cars do differ markedly from the earlier models in design 
> philosophy and mechanical complexity. 
> While all Rover lovers may find much of interest here, this site is 
> generally intended to approach the world of Rover saloons from a North 
> American perspective. Rover owners in the United States and Canada are 
> pretty much in the same boat in terms of the similarity of our cars and 
> the difficulties involved in finding parts or service specialists. 
> You'll notice that the Maple Leaf and Stars and Stripes are intertwined 
> in the website logo! Those of us in the USA would be much poorer if we 
> didn't have our Rover friends north of the border. The organizations 
> with links in the upper right of the RoverNA home page work hard to 
> enable Rover automobile owners to make contact with one another, lend 
> technical support, share their knowledge concerning the history of the 
> marque, and meet in person to share the enjoyment of their classic 
> Rovers. Visit the links and try to participate because that's the best 
> way to build a Rover automobile community.
> Enjoy browsing RoverNA.com!
> (Simultaneous with the launch of the RoverNA site, the RSTCA website has 
> been withdrawn from the web.  See separate message for more details on 
> that.)
> Glen Wilson
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