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Fri Mar 14 20:31:42 GMT 2008

I 've just received the following message, which may be of interest to 
West Coast Rover enthusiasts.
Please correspond directly with Lawrence...


Bill Daddis
Toronto Area Rover Club

Hi, my name is Lawrence.  I'm from Vancouver, BC.  My aunt's got a 
2000TC for sale.  I THINK it's an 1969.  It's absolutely MINT! only 1200 
miles on it.  RHD.  I was doing some research on what it's work and I 
came across TARC.  I'm wondering if you know anyone that's interested or 
even know what it's worth. Any help would be awesome!  I know nothing 
about these cars.  (even though i'm a licenced automotive technician)
Thanks a million!
<amgcls68 at gmail.com>

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