[ROVERNET - UK] Followup on 3500S in Sausalito

Peter Reynolds preynolds at igc.org
Fri Mar 14 21:01:09 GMT 2008

Thanks for the update.
  I was always keen on the SD1, but after following ROVERNET for a  
few weeks, I'm now more interested in the P6!  I think of the P6 as a  
more original and pure design.


On Mar 14, 2008, at 1:51 PM, Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:

> I did some checking on that 3500S that was apparently abandoned in  
> Sausalito, California and is now gone.  I spoke with someone in the  
> city parking office, who couldn't tell me if it had been towed or  
> not, but gave me the number of the towing company the city uses.   
> The man I spoke to there checked his license number records (the  
> license was a custom plate, "3500S") and did not turn up a record  
> for it.  So it seems the car was probably moved before the city  
> could tow it away.  Hopefully that means the car is back in the  
> hands of its owner, whoever that is.
> Geoff
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