[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Master cylinder The Full l Monty- All is revealed !!

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I'm getting a bit confused between our online and off-list conversations.

Did you, in fact, establish that a complete "Jag master cylinder with 
Jag air valve" assembly can be directly substituted for the "Rover 
cylinder/valve" assembly?


phing wrote:
> Hi
> Here is the authorative story on the P6B 3500S twin brake line master 
> cylinder, and rebuild kits . This is part of a long e mail from Ruth 
> of ABC , who has been doing a fine job of holding my hot sticky paws  
> while I ponder the tortured design of my  Rover's braking system and 
> attempt to understand the anoraky details of rebuild parts kits .I 
> think this clarifies a complicated subject . I'm  grateful to Ruth for 
> such a clear explanation and I'm happy to share the information with 
> you all . Please note that is ONLY applicable to the P6B 3500S twin 
> brake line system !!!
> Cheers
> Patrick
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>> Patrick
>>  ` ` ` ` ` `` .
>> The brake master cylinder is the one for a Rover 3500S/ Jaguar v12 E 
>> type and all 4.2 E types.  There is no difference between your brake 
>> lines and Jaguars. they are both 3/8 national fine and have been 
>> since the inception of both cars.  What the guys are talking about on 
>> the Rover net is the little end piston between the master cylinder 
>> and the air valve.  If you are rebuilding an original Rover 3500S you 
>> need a different kit as the little seal on that piston is 5/16' 
>> diameter on the original Jaguars, and 3/8' on the Rover 3500S.
>> Rover 3500S switched in 1974 to the Etype piston when they did the 
>> next run on production from Lockheed.  That is why all the 
>> confusion.  When some one is rebuilding a original 3500S they need a 
>> different kit that has the larger air valve piston seal SSB 925 If 
>> you have the later Master Cylinder or a replacement cylinder after 
>> 1976 you have the smaller seal.and that kit # is SSB 916 .
>> As Kent will attest to:  if you are buying a kit from me You have to 
>> tell me the diameter of the piston on the end.
>> For you, that information was not required as you were buying a new 
>> master cylinder,  you are fine!!!
>> Just install and bleed the system.
> .
>> Ruth............
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