[ROVERNET - UK] Rover North America RoverNA.com Additions

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Tue Mar 25 08:08:53 GMT 2008

Peter Huttemeier wrote:
> No, I wasn't having a go at you Glen, more that the other RCCA seems
> to have "borrowed" some of the adverts I had put on our pages. I guess
> tho with the internet, once it is out there anyone can use it. Only, a
> little approbation would have been nice of them.

Rather than actually "borrowing" things (which I am not entirely above 
doing) I try to link to the material and indicate where the link is 
taking you (next to the link) so as to give credit to whomever published 
the material. As far as photos are concerned, half the time they are not 
attributed to anyone that you can credit, anyway. Next, if they are just 
taking a picture of a car at a show or a museum, I thank them for 
clicking the shutter, but it's not as if there's a lot of creative 
content there that is unique. Finally, most of these photos are thrown 
up there and pretty much put into the public domain when listed at sites 
where you can print a copy through some third-party company. I was going 
to put a bunch of images I have saved over the years into a big photo 
gallery on my GoDaddy server but then realized that the gallery was 
connected with a photo printing company that sold prints of the images. 
I don't mind putting an image up on a web page, especially since the gif 
files I'm presently publishing are not the sort of file that will yield 
a great photo print. But putting an image up on the web of a manual I 
scanned or of some people I don't know standing next to a Rover with the 
specific intent of selling it seems to be a step over the line, somehow.


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