[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Rover Trademark: Who owns it now?

Bosse Arnholm bosse at arnholm.se
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This is indeed an interesting question!
I'd guess that Tata got the Rover brand in the deal, and remember that Tata
did bulld the City Rover for the MG Rover Comapny!
That car was no success, but God only knows what Tata has in mind. Now that
they most likely have the Rover brand, and the Land Rover, and the Solihall
factory. There must be a lot of Rover-experienced and clever engineers in
the Land Rover staff. And probably many of them would certainly like to
revive the good old brand!

If you also have in mind that the old Rover Campany from the end of WW II
never built enough salloons to survive, and the separation of Land Rover
from Rover when BMW sold off, was the final deathstroke for the Rover
saloon company.
If Tata handles this well, this may result in a  Rover-revival  with
Let us hope!


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> Here's an interesting question to ponder. When the bits and pieces of 
> Rover went to China, Ford refused to allow them to use the "Rover" name, 
> saying that it would denigrate the market status of the Land Rover 
> brand. Does Tata now own the Rover trademark, and will they now sell it 
> to the people in Shanghai to slap on their cars as a way to help offset 
> (to a tiny extent) the expense of the Jaguar-LR purchase? If Ford still 
> owns the Rover nameplate, will they sell it to the Chinese now that they 
> no longer have an interest in Land Rover?
> If they start making cars again with Rover nameplates on them, I hope we 
> won't have to listen to any die hard enthusiasts counting down the days 
> until they can buy a new "Rover" automobile. The Rover Company is well 
> and truly dead. Let's celebrate the surviving cars and let Rover rest in 
> peace.
> Glen
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