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Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) gianluca.ruotolo at enel.it
Fri Mar 28 17:45:29 GMT 2008

Dear glen,

	this car wis a splendid model with a beautiful interior , black and white outside, and it needs a restoration.
If it is not rusted underneath it could be a bargain if you'v 4 fenders and if you masnage to bolt in them, of course you'll need to respray them and probably , but probably, it will need a complete paint - job, which is not cheap.
But we are not sure, the car is in New York but it could be solid underneath.
When you speak about the cost of a decent reparation I agree with you.
By us also, in these years the cost became very high.
This was also my experience with the 2000 Tc , and with the bmw I'm currently restoring.
It is a running restoration absolutely not cheap related to the value of the car.

This also happened with a lot of p6, excellent saloons which were often scraped due to high cost of reparation and, on the other side, due to low evaluation.

The truth is they had too much success, and they built 330.000 ones in the far happy years.

So, still now evaluation is low.

Now, a persopnal opinion about a general, very general problem.
Only to make an exapmle, Jag Xjs, series 1, built more or less 80.000 ones, and if you also think to the problems these cars gave, this could mean  that their upper commercial value is only partly related to the original higher price.

In my opinion, it depends also on their rarity, which again  depends on the illness which affected them and let them survive in a little number from an original low number.

Of course, there was a Series II and so on, but in my opinion the main problem is the craftsmen became like important medicine doctors, too expensive.
In Italy we have more lawyers than craftsmen so these cars will become rarer and rarer, it is sad but this is the truth.

An honest car which needs a restoration, today, could be a problem to solve looking for a better one on the market... In this way prices will increase, and surviving ones will be restored paying a lot of money, thing to do only if the price is high enough.

There is an idiom; il cane che si morde la coda, the dog that bites hios own tail.

Of course it is not a techincal question , but the market influences our choices, also speaking about beautiful cars.

Incredible, but this is the truth.

Best regards, Gianluca.

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Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) wrote:
> Splendid car.

Yes and no, Gianluca. What rust it has tends to make me worry about rot underneath. It may be mostly fender swapping, but fenders are harder to come by over here, and it wouldn't look so splendid with four fenders in different colors. Also, 3500S fenders and 2000TC fenders are not exactly the same in terms of the trim holes.  It looks like some of the rust has been spray-painted over. The problem with so many of these cars is that after 40 years they simply need a good repaint, and the cost of a decent repaint has skyrocketed in recent years. You'll probably double the final cost of this car by repainting it.

But it's a nice, fairly honest car. I just wouldn't call it splendid.


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