[ROVERNET - UK] Brake question.

Ben Rodgers irishrover1 at sympatico.ca
Tue May 6 15:56:23 BST 2008


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Hi Folks
          I need some ideas suggestions!! Last year I rebuilt both rear 
calipers the brakes worked great even the hand brake. This year I back out 
of the garage and found a rear wheel binding, assumed it was because of 
sitting all winter.
Not the case the rear left caliper was binding badly I have dropped the axle 
and removed the disc. I see that the piston has turned out the whole way. 
Thats as far as I have gone so far, came in for lunch! But my question is 
what would cause the piston to over adjust like that. I can probably turn it 
back in and things will be fine, but will it re-occur over the summer months 
I don't drive many miles maybe 1000 miles. So before I go back to work I'd 
like to hear possible reasons for the problem. Many thanks
             Ben (irishrover)

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