[ROVERNET - UK] Brake question.

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 17:38:30 BST 2008

After I rebuild a caliper, I set up the piston cup
asembly so that is inwards against the caliper casting
as far as I can get without binding and the
turned-over tab is sitting on the top of the brake

As the foot brake or hand brake is worked, the pawl
working against the serrated edge of the piston cup
assembly is looking for slack to move to the next
serration.  If the pad is pushing against the brake
disc and there is no slack, the pawl drops into the
existing serration.

If the pad wears, the pad can move closer to the wheel
disc, a new serration becomes available, the pawl
drops in, and the piston has moved slightly more

I can't see how the piston cup assembly can move
outwards to an extremity if the pad has some thickness
and the brake disc is in place.

Maybe someone has another idea for you.


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> Hi Folks
>           I need some ideas suggestions!! Last year
> I rebuilt both rear 
> calipers the brakes worked great even the hand
> brake. This year I back out 
> of the garage and found a rear wheel binding,
> assumed it was because of 
> sitting all winter.
> Not the case the rear left caliper was binding badly
> I have dropped the axle 
> and removed the disc. I see that the piston has
> turned out the whole way. 
> Thats as far as I have gone so far, came in for
> lunch! But my question is 
> what would cause the piston to over adjust like
> that. I can probably turn it 
> back in and things will be fine, but will it
> re-occur over the summer months 
> I don't drive many miles maybe 1000 miles. So before
> I go back to work I'd 
> like to hear possible reasons for the problem. Many
> thanks
>              Ben (irishrover)
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