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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Thu May 8 03:29:03 BST 2008

>hello netters !
>i have a leaky exhaust valve in my TC.

I'd bet a nickel either the number 3 or 4 exhaust. And I'd also say 
the valve will turn out to be burned, but the seat will be OK.

>therefore i have the intention to do the head.
>in order to avoid disassembling the engine and leaving it open for some
>time , running the risk of losing something , it would be nice  to get
>a second head to rebuild and once i have it in running order , quickly
>switch them .
>has anybody  in the USA  got  a head ?
>valves and other associated paraphernalia ??

I'm sure somebody can help out. I'm in Canada, but in a pinch I could 
get something together.

The biggest hassle will be the adjustment shims. Camshaft bearings 
are rarely badly worn, same for the camshaft. The tappets can be 
pretty worn and sloppy, which makes the engine a bit noisier but 
otherwise does no harm, oddly enough there is a new set on ebay right 

Be aware that anything more than a little skim off the head will 
probably result in a valve seat dropping out later, so if the head is 
badly out of true new seats will have to go on the list.

Finally, pay close attention to the small water holes in the head 
close to the cylinders. These erode away in the direction the 
cylinder and eventually result in a blown gasket. If eroded they can 
be either welded or, if the head doesn't require machining, cleaned 
and patched with JB Weld or the like (I've used aluminum filled Devon 
epoxy as well) and then sanded flat a thou or so short of flush

>or should i order everything from the UK ?
>also another question :
>the car is a 68 , engine number is 41525055 C
>according to the manual , engines labeled G onwards require a different
>head gasket.
>those engines have a cast boss on the block by the sealing plug for
>identification purposes.
>my engine , although it has a clearly legible  suffix C  has the boss.
>which gasket should i order ?
>early or late version ?

late version. No TCs used the early plain steel head gasket.


>thank you ,
>the 3 cylinder p6
>... ahhh ...DKWs   had no valves , what blessing !!
>would certainly love a 5 cylinder 2 stroke   " 5=10 " sonderklasse 
>jp scoseria
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