[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC head

jpsco44 at aol.com jpsco44 at aol.com
Thu May 8 01:42:44 BST 2008

hello netters !

i have a leaky exhaust valve in my TC.
therefore i have the intention to do the head.
in order to avoid disassembling the engine and leaving it open for some 
time , running the risk of losing something , it would be nice  to get 
a second head to rebuild and once i have it in running order , quickly 
switch them .

has anybody  in the USA  got  a head ?
valves and other associated paraphernalia ??

or should i order everything from the UK ?

also another question :
the car is a 68 , engine number is 41525055 C
according to the manual , engines labeled G onwards require a different 
head gasket.
those engines have a cast boss on the block by the sealing plug for 
identification purposes.
my engine , although it has a clearly legible  suffix C  has the boss.

which gasket should i order ?
early or late version ?

thank you ,
the 3 cylinder p6

... ahhh ...DKWs   had no valves , what blessing !!
would certainly love a 5 cylinder 2 stroke   " 5=10 " sonderklasse  

jp scoseria

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