[ROVERNET - UK] Water Pumps....again!!

garrett bourque gbbourque at hotmail.com
Thu May 8 14:09:46 BST 2008

Hello David or others in need of a 3500S Water pump...There is a new or rebuilt one listed on Ebay right now in buy it now mode so the auction does not end until somebody wants it, cost $65.  I also have one that was rebuilt in the mid 90s and covered 2 or 3 thousand miles in my car before I swapped engines.  This one I would sell for $85 and your leaky one as a core.  This may sound funny but I paid alot more for it to be rebuilt by hand way back then!  Hope this helps either way.  Contact me off line at gbbourque at hotmail.com.    Garrett

> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 16:13:54 -0700
> From: rovertcv8 at yahoo.com
> To: rovernet at lyris.ccdata.com
> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Water Pumps....again!!
> I have a problem and need a solution. I need a water pump for my 70 3500S V8.
> I know this topic has been covered but do not have the time to search it out.
> I have a car show next weekend and need to take the car.
> Thanks
> David
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