[ROVERNET - UK] Brakes and differential

LANCE G LACERTE, LANCE G LA CERTE lacpsyd6 at msn.com
Sun May 11 15:23:05 BST 2008

Hi gang!

I finally got my 'new' differential back into the rear-end of my P6B.  I 
would appreciate some help with several issues as I finish up the job.

1) Bleeing the brakes (again!).  The temporary cap on the end of my 
disconnected brake line to the rear calipers popped off so I lost most all 
of the fluid in the line and the reservoir.  The front brake resevoir is 
full, so do I need to re-bleed the entire system or can I just fill the rear 
caliper's reservoir and begin bleeding the rear end?

2) Because I had to take the wheels and the half shafts off to replace the 
differential, can I bleed the rear calipers with just the discs in place AND 
if so how do I also adjust/tighten up the hand-brake (I know there have been 
many posts on this, and Ruth of ABC said that one of the easiest ways was to 
allow the car to roll backwards slowly while jacking the hand lever 
repeatedly-----but I'd like to see if I can do the adjustments before 
putting the wheels and half-shafts back on).

Thanks in advance for any help

Lance La Certe    '70  'Federal' P6B,  Denver, CO 

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