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What are you trying to adjust?
Toe-in is set by turning the track-rod on the firewall, above the antiroll 
Note the lefthand end has a lefthand thread, for the locknut.  Rotating the 
bar Forward increases toe-out.
Theoretically camber and castor are not adjustable, but if you put rose 
joints in the lower rear arms you can; camber is also settable by shims 
under the top arm mounting bolts that go through the firewall.  Not Rover 
spec, but it works nicely.
I had a normal shop set the TC up with +1 castor and -1 camber.  It handles 
well but the steering is too heavy due to the increased trail.
I would go for +.5 castor next time.


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> Hi All,
> 2 quick questions:
> [1] How do you get your front tracking sorted? I'm a little concerned 
> about anding my 2000TC to a regular garage to do the work, but would 
> welcome other suggestions.
> [2] I think I have the earlier set up with the hexagonal bar along the 
> back of the engine compartment. Now this means I can only adjust the right 
> hand side wheel for tracking. I may have missed the left adjuster as I 
> only took a brief look.  But I couldn't see any mention in the manual of a 
> second left side adjuster. Does anyone know where I should look? Up inside 
> the wing?
> If I decide to do the work my slef I could work out th egeometry and lay 
> it out on the garage floor and walls, but if there is an easier way I 
> would love to know.
> Thanks for any help in advance,
> Steven
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