[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000TC pistons.

James Radcliffe j_radcliffe at hotmail.com
Fri May 30 23:51:25 BST 2008

Would anyone have a piston for a 67 Rover 2000TC, 20 thou OS,  10:1 CR. I just bought the last of Ruth Burgess' Old Stock, and I need one more. 

Alternatively if anyone has 2 9:1 CR 20 thou OS pistons, then I can use those with another 2 I have tracked down to make a full set.

Do these part numbers mean anything to anyone out there:
Part number 55485 set

Pistons numbers 2 numbered N4554854, & 2 numbered N5550089

They are on some pistons for a 2000 TC on Ebay at the moment. If I knew  what size they were I would snap them up. I have emailed the seller and not heard back.


James Radcliffe. 
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