[ROVERNET - UK] Scott's Old Auto Rubber

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Thu Dec 15 02:03:55 GMT 2005

Scott said
Scott's Old Auto Rubber wrote:
 > Brilliant!!  After many a long year England's premier motoring
 > program has arrived in Australia for free to air viewing.  It
 > has changed a bit, more like a morning chat show than a hard
 > core look at cars and engines.
 > Still, a very entertaining hour of humorous sarcasm as only the
 > Brits can do. This weeks instalment had the new 4.2 Jaguar (breathing
 > assisted!!) up against the Australian Holden Monaro (called a Vauxhall
 > in the UK!!) and a tank of a Chrysler they called a company car for > 
 > the Sopranos. Surprisingly, especially to them, the Monaro won, quite 
 > a surprise since it was 17 thousand pounds cheaper. Don't miss it, SBS
 > 7.30 Monday, in Melbourne at least.

Hi Scott
For some reason it aired last Monday here in SA on SBS.
And I thought only 4WD's were advertised rushing thru salt water <g>.

Loved the sound of the Monaro .... a *real* car.
Dunno about UK sales with the price of fuel there.

South Oz

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