[ROVERNET - UK] A slow death

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Sat Feb 5 18:24:48 GMT 2005

Lance-Several common sense things to check, before adding extra fans, etc.
Do you have a thermostat, and is it correct? American thermostats often fit
British cars, but may not be exactly correct-little things like a weep hole,
etc-Someone else may have more knowledge than I on exact detailsAlso, in
that era, it was common to use a 190degree for fast heater warmup in
Northern winters, and 165 in hot summers, or Florida where I am.What is in
the car? If it has no thermostat, coolant will move too fast, and not be
fully cooled.The other item no one ever suspects, until they add fans, oil
coolers, etc; is the fan clutch. Spin it when the engine is cold, and again
when the engine is hot. If there is no resistance either time, replace the
fan clutch . I may have some, contact me
        . AlsoRegarding 3500S; I am presently making up a new set of AC
hoses, sourcing a rotary compressor, and the adapter bracket between new
compressor and the original york bracket, as well as r-134 seals, . a new
drier,etc. If anyone wants to upgrade their AC system,or needs parts contact
me; rather than re-inventing the wheel yourself. I also just put together a
boot evaporator system., and have a correct in dash evaporator for P5.
           For SD1 owners-A tip:Master cylinders and boosters have been
unavailable, or worth more than the car. On my SD-1, I used a TR7 master
cylinder. I can supply these rebuilt, which is cheaper than new.The brake
lines go in the other side, but you can move them around, to reach., and
fittings are the sameFor a booster, I used a Triumph TR6., but the studs to
mount the master cylinder are off by90 degrees. I have a rebuilder who
rebuilds them for me, and rotates the housing 90 degrees, so it all bolts
together nicely. Again, contact me if you need one.
             I have been putting some of my Rare Rover parts on my ebay
store, with photos, though most seem to go to Europe, as Americans seem to
generally ignore or miss the opportunity.Please browse around the ebay
store, as there are some rare things. The P5 AC evaporator is there with a
photos, as well as a photo of a rare Factory option P5B unit Go to ebay home
page, log onto ebay stores, Then"Old English Motor Company"  James Dean, Ft.
Lauderdale.(ebay name for my auctions-"jaguru"Original Message -----
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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] A slow death

> Hi All!,
> Need help with a perplexing problem.  '70 P6B 3500S.  Recently had
> carburetors de-varnished, synchronized, etc.   The mechanic also rerouted
> the fuel line away from the engine block because of concerns with
> vaporizing the fuel.  Cobbled back together my old carburetor 'cozies' to
> also help with heat issues-------regardless of all this work, when stuck
> slow moving traffic and the temperature gauge increases past dead center
> (ever so slightly, and it never gets past the green and into the 'red
> zone'), the car begins a slow death relative to a lower and lower idle.
> I have the chance to get on the highway and get some airflow going it
> automatically lowers the operating temperature, and then it idles
> perfectly.
> In the 15 years I have owned the car, this has never been a problem until
> recently.  I know several Rovenetters have installed electric fans to help
> the radiator, but I'd like to know if there are any other 'fixes' and any
> explanations for what is happening.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Lance La Certe
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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