[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet still alive?

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Sun Feb 20 21:45:52 GMT 2005

Hi Randy,

I am perplexed by your comment.  In my experience very few questions go unanswered.
 A question of mine received about 5 replies within 24 hours.  I have responded
to a similar number and received feedback on pretty well all occasions. 
However I do not recall seeing your signature very often.  I wonder whether
there is a technical fault that you might pursue.  I value rovernet very
highly for information and "membership" reasons among others.

Cheers Roger
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>Hi Ray. In response to your "Is Rovernet still alive?" question, I would
>say barely. For most part I have stopped posting to the list because I rarely
>get responses to the questions I ask (I'm a fairly new P6B owner).
>I pretty much try to figure out things on my own or with the OEM repair
>Randy - Miami, FL
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