[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet still alive?

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Mon Feb 21 02:09:16 GMT 2005

Hi Randy,
First I must appologize.  I am guilty of assuming that someone else 
could just as easily (or more easily) answer your questions.  The 
archives are IMHO not that easy to use and until Eric mentioned that the 
old archives are no longer available, I was unaware that most of that 
material had been lost.  I confess that I do get tired of answering the 
same questions repeadedly and many times I do not feel that my knowledge 
is the most complete.  Those of us who have been on the list quite a 
while could be more understanding of newcomers who pose familiar 
questions.  I have noticed that the harder the question or problem, the 
more likely it is to be addressed on Rovernet.

It is worth noting that certain models (P5,SD1, 800's and the 4wd 
models) have lists of their own that provide model specific information 
perhaps more effectively.  I am unaware of any forum that deals with 
P4's exclusively and the P6 list to which I subscribe is not very active 
at all.  Rovernet is far and away the best source for those of us 
situated in North America with NA specific questions.  NAS P6B's and 
SD1's are very different from those sent to other markets. Freight for 
non-NA parts sources is getting prohibitive as well, so the closer a 
part is, the better.

I do feel a certain obligation to do my own research first, before 
asking a question on Rovernet and I feel really dumb when someone says 
"it's on page so-and-so in the shop manual."  Whenever possible I 
purchase parts and service literature for the model I'm working on.  But 
this is not always possible.

Kent K.

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au wrote:
> Hi Randy,
> I am perplexed by your comment.  In my experience very few questions go unanswered.
>  A question of mine received about 5 replies within 24 hours.  I have responded
> to a similar number and received feedback on pretty well all occasions. 
> However I do not recall seeing your signature very often.  I wonder whether
> there is a technical fault that you might pursue.  I value rovernet very
> highly for information and "membership" reasons among others.
> Cheers Roger
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>>Hi Ray. In response to your "Is Rovernet still alive?" question, I would
>>say barely. For most part I have stopped posting to the list because I rarely
>>get responses to the questions I ask (I'm a fairly new P6B owner).
>>I pretty much try to figure out things on my own or with the OEM repair
> manual.
>>Randy - Miami, FL
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