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The only way to undercoat a P6 is to unbolt all the body panels, which is 
not difficult. You then simply clean all panels, and undercoat the back 
sides. Otherwise you will miss all the spots that really ned undercoating. 
You can use Body Schutz, a 3M product, that takes a special applicator or 
gun. Frankly, I think Good quality(Such as 3M) PAINTABLE undercoating in a 
spray can  is just as good. A good cleaning agent before this, is cheap 
wash-grade lacquer thinner($25 for 5  gallons)- Wipe it on with a wet rag, 
Immediately wipe it off with a dry rag; use blue nitrile gloves, and change 
them when they dissolve.Use a fan and plenty of ventilation.Obviously this 
is a good time to replace all the rubber seals. James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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Dear friends,

as you know, Dinitrol is said to be one of the best
protections against the rust. Now I'm restoring my P6 2000 TC and I
wanto to apply dinitrol under the car and inside the doors. I remember
there was an article on this subject in Classic Cars or in Classic and
Sprots one or two years ago. Did someone read it? and does someone still
have it? I'm not able to find that copy, but I need these informations.

I bought it as a liquid warnish, and as you know there are two different
kinds: black to paint under the car and white ( to put inside the doors
and the boxes).

What do I have to do? Do I have to heat it, or dilute it it before
And with which products?
Do I have to spray it in some way inside the doors?
And, again, how many litres do I need for a p6?
Do I need a speciial tool or a simple paint - brush could be enough?

Excuse me but in Italy it's quite rare.
At the end we are in a sunny country!

Every indications will be appreciated.

Best regards, thanks in advance, Gianluca.

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