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Sorry, everyone, This is the email I meant to send to Rovernet. James
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> Kent,..I certainly did I stir up a discussion, with a simple question 
> about wheels! I will check tomorrow if the centers are welded, but the 
> bolt pattern is slightly smaller than on a 3500s or a 68 2000TC, so it 
> appears they are Magnum 500. I have 5 Magstars on my 69  2000TC, so am 
> well aware of what those are, and what the nuts look like. So I learned 
> something today.What I always thought were pre 68 Rostyles, were actually 
> Magnum 500, and pre 68 2000TC did not have a different bolt pattern,  only 
> the cars with Magnum 500's did. Apparently, after 68, Rover did not use 
> the Magnum 500 hubs, as the Rostyles replaced them? I assume Magnum 500 
> hubs were an option made by Rover; not the wheel maker. It is a shame I 
> didn't know that 30 years ago; I might not have scrapped dozens of Magnum 
> 500 hubs, along with the stripped cars, when they were finished. If 
> Europeans realized all that Americans throw away, they would be even more 
> upset with us.
>       Apparently all Europeans don't appreciate these wheels.In 1999. I 
> rented my red  69 Rover to a French film company, shooting a car insurance 
> ad in Miami. It was supposed to be in Paris; so they used French license 
> plates and street signs. They didn't like my Magstars; so went to "Hubcap 
> Heaven", got some Chevy Monza hubcaps and wired them over the Magstars.. 
> If anyone in Europe ever finds a copy of that ad, in an old magazine; I 
> would love to have a copy.  James Dean
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>> Hi James,
>> I have used all Rover lug nuts interchangably from my '52 P4 to my '74 
>> P6. All are the same thread, some are double ended.  The ones for 
>> Rostyles are chromed as are the deep ones for the P6B bolt through wheel 
>> covers. Magstars use the same bolt pattern and stud size but different 
>> lug nuts (I don't have any of the nuts at present.
>> The sole exception are the Magnum 500 wheels which use both a different 
>> bolt patern and larger studs and nuts.
>> The wheels shown in some of your photos do not appear to have rivets. 
>> This is one key to identifying the wheels. If they have NO RIVETS, they 
>> are Magnum 500.  All Rostyles of all sizes and bolt paterns (MG, Rover, 
>> Ford, etc.) have their centers rivetted to the rims.
>> If your rims are WELDED to the centers, they are MAGNUM 500.
>> Measure the bolt patern.  If it is NOT 5"x5, they are Magnum 500.
>> Visiually, looking at the wheel in profile as it sits on the car, they 
>> are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL APART, they are so much alike.  There is a 
>> very slight difference in offset.  So a photograph of a Rostyle and a 
>> Magnum 500 when comparred individually won't tell us anything.
>> Do not sell Magnum 500 wheels to anyone who does NOT have the special 
>> hubs with the different bolt patern and studs. They will be upset.  The 
>> Magnum 500 and the Rostyle are not interchangable.
>> Roverly,
>> Kent K.
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>>> Kent. Here are photos of wheels # 1-5, 2 photos of the front of each 
>>> wheel. I offerred these to the guy from New Zealand.who inquired, and am 
>>> awaiting his answer..  #1-3 @75 each , and #4 and #5 are  $50 each.  # 
>>> 4 was protected from rust, because someone spilled what looks like 
>>> fiberglass resin on it, that covered the low area. I t was brittle, so I 
>>> chipped it away, but the small spots still sticking would be best 
>>> removed with acetone. I told him if he wants me to do that, that that 
>>> would be $25 more for #4.       #5 has not had the back and rim 
>>> finished, like the others, but will.  I treat with Ospho anti-rust 
>>> compound, then paint silver hammerite. I had always believed the lug 
>>> pattern changed about 1968, when they changed the lugnuts. Since early 
>>> lugnuts were an odd whitworth size, I thought US  safety regulations 
>>> made Rover change to a standard lugnut size, and I thought bolt patterns 
>>> changed at the same time.  I assumed these were early  Rostyles.   You 
>>> think these are Magnums? James.
>>> The sender has included tags, so you can do more with these photos. 
>>> Download Photoshop (R) Album Starter Edition-Free! 
>>> http://www.adobe.com/aboutstarteredition

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