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Kent; I measured the holes on both the 3500S wheel and the Magnum 500, I 
sent you photos of. The 3500S is 3 inches between holes one and two; and 
4.75 inches between one and three. The Magstar 500 (Also marked 14 x 5 1/2 
Unistyle) is 2 3/4 inch between one and two, and 4.5 inches between one and 
three. A Rostyle would be the same measurement as the 3500S. James Dean
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> Hi Fletcher et al.,
> Even I'm beginning to get confused on this.  I like the comment that 
> "parts on cars take precedent", so this is what I have or have had in the 
> way of parts.
> I have hubs with 1/2 " studs and 4 3/4" bolt circle.
> I have had, but cannot now locate, at least one steel wheel with welded 
> center which matches these hubs.
> I can find no evidence from catalogue or OEM data that indicates that 
> Motor Wheel ever made a steel Magnum 500 in anything other than 4 1/2 and 
> 4 3/4 inch bolt circles. Studs and nuts may have varied, but all the Rover 
> Magnum 500 I have seen were welded centers and large studs.
> Assumption:  If Motor Wheel had made a Magnum 500 with a 5" circle, Rover 
> would have bought them and saved the expense of machining the hubs for an 
> odd (other than 5") bolt patern.  Magstar production was such that the 
> centers could simply be machined to a particular bolt patern, thus Rover 
> ordered them to fit the stock 5" bolt patern hubs. 5" Magnum 500 would 
> have required a special stamping which would have driven the price of the 
> wheels up considerably.   From the small volume of Magnum 500 and the 
> short time they were available, it would seem they were a sort of 
> stop-gap.  The decision to offer styled wheels evidently came from sales 
> and probably from North America and the styled wheels were a popular 
> option. Magnum 500 and Magstar were never offered outside North America. 
> I think Vern's research tends to point in this direction.
> All the Rover RO-stlyes I have ever seen or owned (I have about 20 wheels 
> in stock now) had a 5" bolt circle and were rivetted construction.  I have 
> never looked closely at RO-styles for any other vehicle (MG, etc.) and my 
> reference should have been to Rover wheels only.   I would like to see  a 
> set of RO stamped Rover wheels with welded construction.  They may exist. 
> I just haven't seen any. I would like to see a Magnum 500 with a 5" bolt 
> circle. They may exist.  Ford did offer the Magnum 500 at the same time 
> that some Mustangs had a 5" bolt circle.  I doubt they were offered in 
> combination. I just haven't seen any.
> There is a slight difference in the relationship between rim and center on 
> the welded wheel vis a vis the rivetted wheel.  I seem to remember the 
> welded wheel having a deeper "dish."
> Bottom line:  If your wheels fit your hubs and you are happy, then I am 
> happy.  If you are ordering used or new wheels, make sure they fit the 
> hubs you have before you pay.
> And never, never send anything out of the US by way of USPS.   Peter 
> Mitchell's bonnet badge is lost somewhere between Texas and Western 
> Australia.  If I have seemed testy, I appologise.
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