[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 fuel problems

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 20 23:40:05 GMT 2006

Gavin -
The chances are very strong that you have gunged up the fuel pump.
It is a real design flaw - a filter after the pump.  On the advice of 
John Cheal of Wilson Carburettors here in Melbourne (a real SU expert) I 
installed an in-line filter between the tank and the pump on mine and it 
needs changing regularly. The installation of a $2 filter protects a 
pump worth $300 or so.
It only takes a few flakes of rust to stuff up a pump and you cannot 
rely on petrol stations to have clean tanks.....
I did the same with my P6 - moved the filter from after the pump to 
before it.
Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

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