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On Monday 10 July 2006 14:30, Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
> I've heard a few different opinions on this, but I think it's most likely
> an acronym for North American Distribution Area.  I've also heard North
> American Dollar Area and I think one or two others I can't recall.  In any
> case, it refers to cars built for the North American market, ie the US and
> Canada.
> Geoff

I'm willing to trust James Taylor on this one:

P. 84  'Rover P6 1963 to 1977'

"Thus was born the NADA (North American Dollar Area) 2000TC..."


On p. 180, Taylor cites the "Despatch Records now held by BMIHT" as the source 
of his production figures. He cites no official models designated NADA. The 
TC's that were built for the USA and Canada were simply among the "2000TC LHD 
Export" model cars until they started making Mk II "facelift" cars. The MK II 
TC's we got are described as "2000TC Mk II Federal LHD" cars.  All 3500S 
models exported to the USA and Canada were called "3500S Federal LHD" cars. 
There is no "Federal" model designation for any 2000 SC and 2000 Auto cars, 
so I assume we simply got generic "2000/SC Auto LHD Export" cars manufactured 
between July 1966 and August 1970 or generic "2000/SC LHD Export" cars 
manufactured between February 1964 and August 1970. There is no "Federal" 
version of the Mk II 2000SC or 2000 Auto, and I believe the only Mk II cars 
sold in the USA were 2000TC models. Rover never built a Mk II version of the 
Federal 3500S with all its unique features, and the "3500S" moniker was 
reassigned to the new manual version of the P6B in June of 1971.



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