[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 3500S parts interchangeability

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sat May 27 04:45:45 BST 2006

Hi Al,
Answers in order:

>1. What parts can be found at the local parts vendor for this car?
Virtually none.  Any that are catalogued will be special order.  The 
exceptions are the Buick 215 interchanges below.

>2. Are there any parts that are interchangeable with the BUICK 215?
Engine rebuild items are most likely to be available but only on special 
order.  Buick last used these engines in 1963.
Intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, timing chain set, lifters, cam 
bearings, pistons and rings (use lower compression) all interchange with 
Buick 215
A Buick water pump will bolt to the Rover front cover but uses a 
different fan hub.  Pistons are available from Silvolite.

>3. Are there any parts that are interchangeable with the Land Rover or MG or
>any other car so that in an effort to find a part, I can try the alternative
>at the local world pac vendor.
Transmission rebuild components are available from Northwest 
Transmission and interchange with some some early AMC (Borg Warner 35).  
Some of the brake components will interchange with Ford(UK) and Jaguar, 
but it takes great parts knowledge to track these down (Ruth is a 
certified genius).  Window lift motors are identical to some Cadillacs 
from the same period.  The engine was used in Range Rover  '70-'94, Land 
Rover 90 and 110 (and briefly in 109's as the Stage 1), MGBV8-'74-'76, 
Rover SD1, Triumph TR8, so some components from these engines will 
interchange but generally only up to 1976. No other vehicle was 
officially imported with the P6B spec engine, so you must know the 
"family" to do much parts swapping.  Lucas electrical components are 
used by most British cars but it takes a whole book to determine 

Nothing comes quickly or easily for these cars as most components are 
unique.  James Dean, Dermot Harvey, Ruth Burgess are most likely to have 
parts on this continent. It's worth paying more to keep these folks in 
business.  There are several suppliers in the UK but freight is getting 
really expensive.  Parts ARE available.  I can't think of anything that 
is actually unobtainable, but you must be patient and be ready to spend 
far more money than the car will ever be worth.

Why don't we take this step by step and see what you actually need first.

Kent K.

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