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Kent, thanks very much for your quick and thorough response.


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> Hi Al,
> Answers in order:
> >1. What parts can be found at the local parts vendor for this car?
> >
> >
> Virtually none.  Any that are catalogued will be special order.  The
> exceptions are the Buick 215 interchanges below.
> >2. Are there any parts that are interchangeable with the BUICK 215?
> >
> >
> Engine rebuild items are most likely to be available but only on special
> order.  Buick last used these engines in 1963.
> Intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, timing chain set, lifters, cam
> bearings, pistons and rings (use lower compression) all interchange with
> Buick 215
> A Buick water pump will bolt to the Rover front cover but uses a
> different fan hub.  Pistons are available from Silvolite.
> >3. Are there any parts that are interchangeable with the Land Rover or MG
> >any other car so that in an effort to find a part, I can try the
> >at the local world pac vendor.
> >
> >
> Transmission rebuild components are available from Northwest
> Transmission and interchange with some some early AMC (Borg Warner 35).
> Some of the brake components will interchange with Ford(UK) and Jaguar,
> but it takes great parts knowledge to track these down (Ruth is a
> certified genius).  Window lift motors are identical to some Cadillacs
> from the same period.  The engine was used in Range Rover  '70-'94, Land
> Rover 90 and 110 (and briefly in 109's as the Stage 1), MGBV8-'74-'76,
> Rover SD1, Triumph TR8, so some components from these engines will
> interchange but generally only up to 1976. No other vehicle was
> officially imported with the P6B spec engine, so you must know the
> "family" to do much parts swapping.  Lucas electrical components are
> used by most British cars but it takes a whole book to determine
> interchanges.
> Nothing comes quickly or easily for these cars as most components are
> unique.  James Dean, Dermot Harvey, Ruth Burgess are most likely to have
> parts on this continent. It's worth paying more to keep these folks in
> business.  There are several suppliers in the UK but freight is getting
> really expensive.  Parts ARE available.  I can't think of anything that
> is actually unobtainable, but you must be patient and be ready to spend
> far more money than the car will ever be worth.
> Why don't we take this step by step and see what you actually need first.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
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