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1.  Rear is easy.  Don't just let it drop, use the book method of the jack
under the spring.
2.  250mm long spring compressors for the front.  Remove wheel and mudguard
(fender in Yankspeak).
Fit compressors, one against the inner wing, one on the outside.  Grab 4
turns of the spring.
Disconnect the bottom link strut (round arm that goes rearwards from lower
ball joint).  Slack the bolt on the other lower arm to base unit.
Remove shock absorber, taking the weight on a trolley jack under the lower
ball joint.
Breath in.
Tighten compressors until the coils are nearly coilbound.  The top arm
should now be unstressed ie. the spring isn't pushing it hard, you can move
it back and forth by hand.
Remove the bolts holding the top arm mounts (very carefully!).  Two of the
bolts require glovebox removal (2 7/16UNF bolts).
Let the jack down, the compressed spring is removable (or it falls out as
happened to me).
Lie spring on ground, release compressors turn by turn.
Let breath out (although it is 30 minutes later you won't have breathed).


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Hi all,

Am about to embark on replacing the bushings throughout the 'ol 3500S.  I
would appreciate some expert advice about the front (and rear) end
suspension, i.e., I'm assuming that I need to start by getting a spring
compressor to remove the spring before starting to take anything else
apart.  If this is correct or incorrect, any tips would be appreciated.  I
know there was a thread a while back about spring compressors.  Any further
suggestions about where I might purchase a good one???? NAPA, for instance.
Once the springs are removed, I would imagine that all of the
potential/kinetic energy (never could get my physics straight) in the
system has been released and I can proceed to dismantle the rest of the
system without losing any digits.

It appears that the rear end is a much easier affair.  Once I unbolt the
rear shocks, it looks as though the 'yoke' drops away and I can just remove
the rear springs??????

Enquiring minds want to know.

Lance La Certe, '70 P6B 3500S
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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