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Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at san.rr.com
Mon May 29 05:45:49 BST 2006

You'll definitely need a compressor for the front - as always you'll =
everything on the front suspension a lot easier if you take off the =
before trying to do anything else.=20

On the rear you'll find the spring is still under a little bit of
compression (unless it's really, really shot). Jack up the rear of the =
and use axle stands with a piece of round steel bar in the rear jacking
points to support the car while you work. =20

The easiest way to release the load on the rear springs without running =
risk of a particularly painful lesson about stored energy is to use your
trolley jack under the bottom link and take the load off the bolt that =
the de Dion to the lower link. Undo the bolt and the lower link and =
will drop free when you take the load off the jack.=20


~It appears that the rear end is a much easier affair.  Once I unbolt =
~rear shocks, it looks as though the 'yoke' drops away and I can just =
~the rear springs??????
~Enquiring minds want to know.
~Lance La Certe, '70 P6B 3500S
~lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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