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If the backing plates (not sure if this is the proper name) are in good 
condition  a set of spring removal tools (shown in manual) are the clear way 
to go...simply place sand bags carefully on front fender and insert the 
tools...remove the weight and the springs will fall out...some may think 
these tools are not good to use but I have used them several times as the 
book directs and never had a problem...as long as the plates are not 
damaged...if they are use plan "B" and replace them with good ones when you 
reassemble.  Good luck and have fun :)

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> Hi all,
> Am about to embark on replacing the bushings throughout the 'ol 3500S.  I
> would appreciate some expert advice about the front (and rear) end
> suspension, i.e., I'm assuming that I need to start by getting a spring
> compressor to remove the spring before starting to take anything else
> apart.  If this is correct or incorrect, any tips would be appreciated.  I
> know there was a thread a while back about spring compressors.  Any 
> further
> suggestions about where I might purchase a good one???? NAPA, for 
> instance.
> Once the springs are removed, I would imagine that all of the
> potential/kinetic energy (never could get my physics straight) in the
> system has been released and I can proceed to dismantle the rest of the
> system without losing any digits.
> It appears that the rear end is a much easier affair.  Once I unbolt the
> rear shocks, it looks as though the 'yoke' drops away and I can just 
> remove
> the rear springs??????
> Enquiring minds want to know.
> Lance La Certe, '70 P6B 3500S
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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