[ROVERNET - UK] Wonder How Much To Import This Rover?

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 16:13:29 GMT 2006

--- Kent Kinard <kkinard at wcc.net> wrote:

> Hi Roland,
> Yes, I have said many times that I wish I had
> imported 
> rather than start on the RHD car, but I'm too deep
> into it 
> now.  It is exactly what someone intent on importing
> needs...a LHD car to start with.
> Still has some rust and no sill trims, though.  So
> what if 
> you have to do the sills again, it's a LHD car and
> seems 
> rather solid.  I would like pictures of the top of
> the 
> cowl at the windscreen corners.  Bubbles there and
> at the 
> TOP of the D post indicate really bad rust that was
> not 
> addressed at the last restoration.  You can have
> good 
> sills and still have major problems if you don't
> know 
> where to look.  My first P5B Coupe was hopeless even
> by UK 
> standards...rust up into the roof.
> Somebody in the US needs to snag this one.
> Roverpantingly,
> Kent K.
Kent, I didn't realize you've progressed that far into
your conversion. Yes, afraid the UK tin worm would be
the downfall of this car. I would have liked to get
this car, but like you, I've too much invested in my
half finished project. :-( And still stuck with a
"flaccid" (per Top Gear description) 3.0L six.
Actually, it doesn't run that badly. Certainly would
be a race onto the on ramps against even the slowest
Hyundai though. Come to think of it, my P5 would be
out handled by a Hyundai as well. At least I can claim
it's the only one like it on the block and not another
euro/asian/US jelly bean car. LOL!

  Rover P5

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