R: [ROVERNET - UK] Outer sills - Black but which black?

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 01:59:18 GMT 2006

Brooks wrote:
> It is indeed. I was there at the dealership in Moncton N.B. when it 
> was unloaded...

The four that I have owned and the others I have seen all had the 
aluminum pieces on them. I wonder if they stopped doing that on later 
cars. At the end of the final model year (or perhaps cars manufactured 
after a certain date, I suppose), Rover couldn't sell them in the USA 
because they didn't meet the Federal standards. Any cars that left the 
factory after that date could still be sold in Canada, as far as I know. 
Maybe they stopped installing the aluminum bits after they used up 
available stock near the end of the production run.

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