[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Master

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 25 04:28:33 BST 2006

Hi Roland,

I've just rebuilt my master cylinder on my 2000 TC, am I right in thinking 
you have a 2000 too?
When you say that there are several parts stuck together, which parts are 
you refering to? You're right the cylinder is a bugger to get to!

The seal on the stepped piston was pretty tight on mine, I was replacing it 
anyway so I used a piece of brass wire to remove it. that way the seal might 
be damaged but the steel piston shaft would be safe. In order from the brake 
pedal on mine the assembly was:

[1] Threaded shaft that attaches to  pedal trunnion.

[2] Circlip on inside of cylinder bore securing....

[3] Washer to capure head of threaded shft [1]

[4] Rubber seal.

[5] Steel piston with flange at base that has three small holes and a
seat at the top to accept seal [4]

[6] Very thin 'shim style' brass washer.

[7] Rubber 'cup' washer type seal.

[8] Nylon cap for spring.

[9] Conical spring.

Does that sound at all familiar? I notice that the same arrangment is used 
on both the cylinders with a shared reservoir and with the tin type built in 

All I can think is that the piston [5] and the cup washer [7] have some how 
become stuck together by age. Or that a differing cylinder from another car 
has been fitted in the past.

Not sure if the above helps you any, let me know if it helps any.



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