[ROVERNET - UK] The P4 80 was not a ........

Alan Francis Alan at southernsheeting.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 08:21:33 BST 2007

I think ALL P4's were Land Rovers with the corners rounded of, and thank
goodness for it. Makes a huge difference in prices when you need some
spares. www.johncraddockltd.co.uk have an excellent searchable database
by part no if you're looking for P4 bits. They don't supersede them
though so if the numbers changed you'll need the later number.

Not so sure on the Overdrive Glen, would love to have one in my 90 as
without it you have to 'give it some welly' (old saxon saying)to achieve
any sort of high cruising speed and of course there's the increase in
fuel usage.....lets not forget the 'ol carbon footprint. :)

Changing subject what on earth caused that bridge to collapse in
Minnesota, any informed comment or conspiracy theories?

Alan Francis (part viking)


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