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Tue Aug 14 02:32:35 BST 2007


We have a national Rover club in the USA called the Rover Saloon Touring 
Club of America. (RSTCA.com) We are mostly an online resource for people 
in the States, though we occasionally meet at various locations. Rovers 
are pretty rare over hear, so we are rather widely spread out!

I think that Henry Manwell will probably reply to your message. If he 
doesn't, I will put you in touch. Hank lives near Syracuse and knows 
most of the Rover people in upstate NY. Hank's son, Steve Manwell 
maintains a registry of U.S. Rovers and can probably put you in touch 
with other Rover people in your area.

The best Rover community for Rover owners in the USA is the Rovernet, 
which you have already found. Rovernet is a service of the Rover Car 
Club of Canada and is managed by Eric Rusell. I believe that some Rover 
people in your area sometimes participate in activities sponsored by the 
Toronto Area Rover Club (TARC), as well.

Your question about classic car insurance in the USA should garner a 
number of responses, so I'll stay out of that one.


Glen Wilson

Radcliffe wrote:
> I live in Upstate NY and just thought I would get some input from the group as to which Rover club might provide the best oppertunity to meet other like minded Rover nuts. I live 60 miles south or Rochester NY.  Since my Rover 2000 TC will be registered by the end of the week I thought that maybe I should join a more local club. I am a member of the Rover Car Club of South Australia, however to get classic insurance I think that they might have trouble believing that I am going to use my US Rover for Club activities.
> Also does anyone have any experience with JT Taylor insurance?
> James.
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