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McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Tue Aug 14 17:26:29 BST 2007

Hi Ben , 
   2 possible problems but most likely only one . 
The strainer in the sump ( oil pan in USA speak) could be sludged up and
not flowing enough oil at higher revs, causing pump to not deliver as it
should. ( very unlikly only had one do that in 35+ years of Rovering and
that was a severly abused vehicle) What causes this most of the time is
simply a worm out motor. ( bearing clearances way to large) The noise that
the shop is hearing is most likly not lifter tap( these are solid  and
don't depend on oil for anything but plain lubrication)  but is most likly
bearing rattle from the lower end bearings. It could also be coming from a
chain rattle. As the clearances increase around the bearing journals oil
leaks and is pushed out much more easily, not alowing pressure to build
up. Remember pressure is only there if it can be held in place by proper
clearances. Open your faucet and you have a bit of pressure , put your
hand over the end and pressure builds up. That simple. Tell them to try
thicker oil( 20w50 or 30 or higher) This might help in the short term but
if its rattling better address the problem . 
  Contact me if you have any other questions. 

Pete McArdle
Classic Racing Ent. 
New York USA 

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Ben Rodgers wrote:

> Hi Folks
>              Calling on the Rovernet Brian Trust once again!! just received
> a call from a local garage, they have a 1967 TC auto with an oil pressure
> problem, it seems to idle at 15 lbs but as it revs up the pressure rises
> then drops right off causing tappet rattle etc. I suggested they first check
> the two oil feed lines to the pump, possibly one is leaking and leaks more
> rapidly when the engine is rev'd. I suppose it could also be the pressure
> release valve or the pump. I'd welcome any advice/ideas for when the garage
> calls back!!
>                                            Regards  Ben.
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