[ROVERNET - UK] Vacuum Gauge Connection

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 15:58:08 GMT 2007

Steve noted:
> p.s. I hope I am replying to messages correctly
> here.  I read all the 
> postings via the archives page.  Is there another
> place to read and reply to 
> postings? (Eric?)
As far as I know, replies from the Rovernet-UK list
must be posted through an email client using the same
email address as the Rovernet subscriber.  (This is
thanks to the twits who tried to hijack the list years
The back-up list is noted on the bottom of every
email.  Any message there can be answered BOTH through
email and on the browser page for the list.  Also,
pictures can be posted by members.  All Rovernet
subscribers can read messages but only those with a
Yahoo (free) email address can post.

Hope that answers a few questions......

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