[ROVERNET - UK] More Bleeding brakes!

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Mon May 7 19:13:40 BST 2007

Hi All
        I have just finished installing a new M/Cyl and brake lines to the
servos, all the other brake parts are new too. When I started to bleed I
only get fluid from the rear brakes. With my vacuum pump on the line from
M/C before it enters servo I can draw lots of fluid thru, but when I go to
the outlet coming out of servo nothing comes out. It appears that the front
brake outlet (rear brakes) from M/C is working okay but the rear outlet
(front brakes) (nearest pedal) isn't pumping. I got lots of fluid from rear
calipers but next to nothing from the front calipers. Hope this makes
sense?? In a nut shell, the outlet to front brakes isn't pumping the fluid
in the master cylinder. Need help !!! Tis the season for brake woes???
                                                 Regards  Ben.

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