Gordon Harrower griffo at comcast.net
Wed Jan 23 23:46:49 GMT 2008

I only had a chance for a quick glance at it before I went to work 
today, but your assessments seem accurate.  The engine is dry from the 
bottom of the cylinder head up, but oily below that, with traces of oil 
and coolant along the seam.  I've been reading up on the repair process, 
but I still don't know what the o-ring to which you both refer is.  
Thanks for your help, Gordon.

Vern Klukas wrote:
> The leak cannot be coming from there, that plate seals the water 
> passages, not oil.
> You either have the o-ring seal between the cylinder head and block 
> leaking, or a badly leaking valve cover gasket. The latter is trivial, 
> but the O-ring requires replacement by pulling the cylinder head. From 
> the amount you describe, I suspect (hope) it is just the valve cover 
> gasket that is at fault.
> Yours
> Vern
>> My '68  TC has developed a strong oil leak that appears to originate 
>> from the "Rear cover plate" (528106) at the back of the cylinder 
>> head. It's bad enough that I lose half a quart of oil every couple 
>> weeks, and am getting lots of oil slicks on my driveway.  Is this a 
>> familiar problem for anyone?  Is it a typical TC problem?  In any 
>> case I'm looking for the "joint washer," i.e. gasket, (566850) that 
>> goes under the plate, although I guess I can make one if I have to.
>> Gordon.
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