PARTS for Sale by Members

For Sale, Complete Drive Unit for 2000 TC Located in Courtenay, BC, Canada. Complete except for Carbs & Generator. Includes: near new clutch & Pressure plate, rebuilt 415xxx gearbox, 4 or 6 blade fan, custom engine stand on castors, choice of used exhaust manifold, all bearings in engine renewed. For more information contact Ian Potts, Phone: 250 334 0673 for more info. $600cdn

Set of 4 new fenders and 2 rocker panels for P6: Asking Price: $2,600 cdn. Located in West Vancouver, BC. Contact Charles Walker at 604-922-3416.

P4 gearboxes One for OD, one straight 4 sp. for either direct drive or freewheel. (Your rear housing goes on to back of gearbox, As removed from cars but clean. $200. ea. Can overhaul for $200.labour. Generally, overhaul only means new bearings and seals, and maybe synchros.
Overdrive unit/parts. Can make one complete OD unit.
Can build one gearbox/OD unit. Call and we can talk.
Volvo gearbox/OD unit. Type M40 gearbox with remote shift (P1800) Has all four speed plus rev. Good oil was drained out of it. $300.00.
Stuff (and me) located on BEAUTIFUL!!! Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
George Hacking. Phone: 250 338 5967, email:

Rover 3500S and Sterling parts. I have a load of Rover 3500S parts to get rid of since I sold the car. Also parts for a Rover Sterling. Most of them I just want the shipping cost for. Located in Virginia. Ben Saunders e-mail Phone: 434- 842- 3667

4 mint condition P6 (Rover 2000) doors and a hood I would like to sell for $100.00 Located in Victoria, BC, Canada. Phone: 250-474-7214 - ask for Vic. email