PARTS for Sale by Non-Members

Owners' Reference Manual I have an owner's manual for a 1971 3500s for sale (Glovebox edition). The cover is slightly soiled but otherwise it's in good condition. I'd like $25 for it. The book has the stiff paper cover. I can't find a date near the front of the book but at the back it states it was printed in England in 1969 by the Wones Print Group. The "American Specification Edition Part No." is 606592. The book is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada Gordon Smedley email:

The Land-Rover Workshop Manual - Part One, series ll & lla. & Part Two series ll & lla. parts no. 606407 & 606408. Ist editions March 1969. These manuals are in clean very good condition, no grubby mechanics fingerprints. The manuals are very scarce it seems. There are only 3 listed & are $156, $162 & $191, Also the Range Rover Companion By Stuart Bladon, a 1984 hardcover book. This book comes with a L-R crest & bumper sticker & is in very good condition with dust-jacket & no markings on book. The Range Rover Companion sells for about $20 to $40 on & is 1 of 7 listed. Asking for reasonable offers so the books can stay in Canada. I could not see how to get it listed on your non-members for sale section. Perhaps you could help me. Ross Ranger, 250-493-6468, Penticton, BC. e-mail

1980 Rover 3500 Parts Car The engine and transmission are missing but the rest of the car is pretty intact. Interior is shot, except headliner and steering wheel, which are very good. Car is rust free and all metal is in good shape. Glass and moldings are good. I would like to see someone get some use of this car. I would like someone to take the whole car, I really don't want to part it out any further. The car is advertised on Craigslist in Denver, Colorado. Call Paul Estock for more info: 970-663-7272 Email: