Club Parts No More

The Club has given the parts collection to All British Cars as management of the parts & space to store the stock had become impossible to sustain with volunteers.

However, the parts store will remain open and Paul Watkin is supplying spares as available until the supply is moved to All British Cars.
Contact Paul here: or call 250-246-9464.

RCCC members will receive additional substantial price discounts from All British Cars for any Rover parts which comes from the ex-Club stocks.

Non-Club Parts for Sale

For commercial parts that come with expert advice and price discount for club members contact: All British Cars Abbotsford, BC, Canada

ABC All British Cars

New and Used Parts for British Cars (example) Mini, Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Austin, and Rover.

We re-sleeve brack master cylinders, brake calipers, clutch master cylinders, etc. in stainless steel.

We rebuld engines, gearboxes, brake components, etc.

More Parts at these Links:

 For Sale by Members

 For Sale by Non-Members

Rover Wheel Hub Decals

Scott's Rover Rubber Parts

Rover Classics
Ian Wilson's Site, (UK)
Including Parts ex-Ray Weekley and S&G Walker

Rover Wiring

Components and Harnesses (or "looms" :-) Based in the (USA)

Rover Wiring

Components and Harnesses (or "looms" :-) Based in the (UK)

Holden Vintage & Classic Ltd. (UK)

Classic Reproductions (UK) Under bonnet badges, etc.

Ignition Distributors for Classic Cars (NL)